The Chairman serve the post of Vice President of the "Chinese-American Entrepreneur United Committee"

Lately, CHNR has received credentials made by USA_SINO Economy Cooperative Promoting Association LTD. (ECPA), Mr.Feilie Li-the President of CHNR, awarded the title of “Chinese Chief entrepreneur ” and serve the post of Vice President of the “Chinese-American Entrepreneur United Committee(CAEUC)”. CHNR awarded the title of “Chinese Chief Enterprise” of ECPA.

ECPA and CAEUC are formed by 100 Chinese-American Business Administration Chief Entrepreneur and 5500 presidents of export-oriented enterprises, in which all Chinese entrepreneurs who serve the position of Vice President are famous industrial leaders nationally, and there are only 6 of them. Except Mr. Li, others include Mr. Changhen Yang, Board Chairman of Chinese Metallurgy Group, Mr. Ruimin Zhang, CEO of Haier Group, Mr. Benyuan Qian, President of China National Electronics Import and Export Corporation, Mr. Tianqiao Chen, CEO of Shanda Interactive Entertainment Limited, Mr. Cunhui Nan, President of CHINT Group. 

"Chinese Chief enterprise” and “Chinese Chief entrepreneur " of ECPA is a highest honor award to Chinese enterprises and Chinese entrepreneur by ECPA. The award is base on if the enterprise has strong and significant brand impact and international competitiveness, if the enterprise lead industrial development, if the enterprise is ahead of industry which has the potential cooperation with US companies. Meanwhile, the leader of the enterprise must be looking forward and international. 

The ECPA is authorized to set up by US Government, its purpose is discussing the existing key problem & solutions in Chinese-American enterprises corporation, seeking the best way and method to corporate between Chinese enterprises and American enterprises, extensively promoting the corporation between Chinese enterprises and American enterprises, accelerating progress of “global economic integration”, by support of Chinese-American government apparatus, participation of commercial chambers & Associations, and communication between Chinese & American high-level entrepreneurs.

The great significance for CHNR to award title of “Chinese Chief entrepreneur ” is that overseas investors could know the company better, know the Group better, so that it would be easier to promote and rise the image for both companies.

Moreover, Wuhu port storage & transportation Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of the Group, won the award of ““Chinese Chief Enterprise”, its President and Chairman, Mr. Sun Xinhua, awarded the title of “Chinese Chief Entrepreneur”.