Business Overview

CHNR is proactively implementing strategic measures to deal with national natural resources crisis, especially the rarity and shortage of mineral resources due to their natural properties, monopolization and unsustainability, by investing substantial sums of capital to acquire reserves of natural resources.

Thanks to our close relationships with governmental organizations at different levels and various geological surveying institutes, CHNR is able to acquire high value-added exploration rights and mining projects at lower costs, thus consolidating our position in the resources industries. CHNR aims to become one of the leading private enterprises in the PRC which integrates the operations of mineral exploration, mining, and ore processing and trading in the field of metals.

CHNR is also seeking attractive opportunities in the healthcare sector in the PRC. Driven by an aging population, increasing disposable income, and rising health awareness and life expectancy, the PRC has become a major healthcare economy with sizable and steadily increasing healthcare expenditures. The relatively early stage of development and huge market potential provides fertile ground for our new expansion strategy in the healthcare industry.

With the advantage of competent management team, enhanced by controlling shareholder’s rich experience and resources in investing in the healthcare industry and strong government relations through track record in mergers and acquisitions in the PRC, we are confident that CHNR can execute on its strategy and achieve next phase of growth by recruiting high caliber healthcare merger team and acquiring healthcare projects with splendid return.

CHNR will also continue to explore other non-natural resources business opportunities to contribute to revenues and enhance shareholder value.