Social Responsibility

To operate as a responsible natural resources corporation and benevolent healthcare service provider has always been core value to CHNR, for we believe people, community, society and the environment are all precious assets to our life, and we do hold them dear to us. We strive to maintain outstanding standards and best practices in every aspect, as we believe it is the only key to long-term success, for us and for our future generations.

We are dedicated to environmental compliance and continual improvement of our environmental performance in the regions we operate. To preserve the environment, we pledge to conduct mineral explorations and mine constructions with minimal adverse impacts on the environment, especially in the surrounding areas where we operate. Our challenges also include restoring and improving the lands impacted by our activities.

Safety and health
Safety of our employees is always CHNR's central concern and the core of our mission. One of our approaches is to create a strong culture of safety by implementing the highest safety standards and by providing appropriate training and education to our employees. We care about our employees and their families, and therefore we strive to protect them and to provide a safe and healthy work environment to them.
Community responsibility
We are keen to nurture strong and longlasting relationships with the communities in our neighbourhoods. On the one hand, we aim to minimize negative environmental and social impacts of our operations on our neighbourhoods; and on the other, we proactively seek opportunities to contribute to them by supporting a wide range of social projects and activities that would mutually benefit both CHNR and local communities.