Our Vision

Our Vision

CHNR is dedicated to becoming a leading multi-resources company in China, and is devoted to exploring the opportunities presented by the healthcare sector in China as well, through complying with high international standards of corporate governance, continually expanding operations with profit growth potentials, enhancing overall cost effectiveness and productivity performance, collaborating with governments, communities and non-governmental organizations, optimizing our technical and healthcare talent teams and innovation programs and maintaining responsible environmental practices.

Our Mission
CHNR is committed to:

◆ Delivering superior long-term value to our shareholders;

◆ Providing a safe, healthy and fulfilling work environment for our employees while improving production efficiency and operating effectiveness;

◆ Promoting healthy living through quality healthcare service empowered by technology;

◆ Contributing to the economic and social development of the regions where we operate;

◆ And responsibly managing the environmental impact of all our operations.