The Chairman awarded the "2006 Most Creative Chinese Business Leader in Asia-Pacific Region".

On the morning of August 26, the 2006 Forum of Chinese Business Leaders in Asia-Pacific Region and Prize-awarding Ceremony of Most Creative Chinese Business Leader in Asia-Pacific Region grandly opened in Bangkok, Thailand. Mr. Li Feilie, chairman of Feishang Group, was awarded the title of "2006 Most Creative Chinese Business Leader in Asia-Pacific Region".

Other honored 29 well-known Chinese entrepreneurs include Mr. Zhuang Shiping, the promoter and Honorary Chairman of Hong Kong Nanyang Commercial Bank, Mr. Chen Youqing, Board Chairman of Hong Kong Asia Finance Group, Mr. Liang Zhenying, Board Chairman of Hong Kong DTZ, Mr. Li Wenzheng, Chairman of Indonesia Lippo Group and Honorary Chairman of Lippo Bank, Mr. Shi Zhenrong, Chairman of Taiwan iD SoftCapital Group, Mr. Chang Dechuan, Board Chairman of Qingdao Port Group, Mr. Fu Chengyu, Chairman of CNOOC Ltd., Mr. Jiang Chaoliang, Chairman of Bank of Communications, Mr. Yang Yuanqing, Chairman of Lenovo Group, Mr. Shi Zhengrong, Chairman and CEO of Wuxi Suntech Power Holdings Co., Ltd., Mr. Li Yanhong, Chairman and CEO of Baidu Company, Mr. Zhou Houjian, Board Chairman of Hisense Group, etc..

This year's congress was jointly organized by Asia Pacific Region Association for Chinese Business Leaders, Asia-Pacific Region Culture & Wealth Forum and Newspaper of Asia-Pacific Culture & Wealth. Over 380 persons from more than 20 countries and regions including famous Chinese Business Leaders and political-economic leaders, and public celebrities attended this event. The congress subject was "Innovation, development, cooperation, win-win", and was composed by two parts, namely, the prize-awarding ceremony and the summit forum.

It was reported that this year's forum paid special attention to national well-known private entrepreneurs and the Chinese leaders in world famous multinational corporations, who create wealth for China. Mr. Li Feilie, Chairman of Feishang Group, with his individual ability and wisdom, the personality charm, the diligence and assiduity, the rich creativity and the tremendous contribution to the society, winning the title of "2006 Most Creative Chinese Business Leader in Asia-Pacific Region", might be said as worthy of this name.

Many mainstream media in the Asia-Pacific region, such as CCTV, People's Daily, Phoenix Satellite Television, Hong Kong Journal of Commerce, Thai Chinese Television Station and other major Chinese journals, etc. made the comprehensive report on the grand occasion of this congress.

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