China Natural Resources, Inc. Appoints Zou Yu As Vice President

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HONG KONG, October 22, 2020 – CHINA NATURAL RESOURCES, INC. (NASDAQ: CHNR) (the “Company”) announced today that Zou Yu has been appointed as a Vice President of the Company, such appointment effective as of October 22, 2020.

From March 2015 to September 2020, Mr. Zou served as the general manager of the investment management center of Feishang Enterprise Group Company Limited, where he was responsible for mergers and acquisitions in the healthcare sector involving projects aggregating approximately 800 million Chinese Yuan. From May 2011 to May 2014, he served as assistant to the chairman and the head of the business development department of Shanghai American-Sino Medical Group, where he was in charge of the investment in and operation of premier private hospitals. Mr. Zou has also worked with several private equity funds. Mr. Zou has more than 10 years of experience working and investing in the healthcare sector, and has participated in projects involving acquisitions, mergers and divestments with an aggregate value exceeding three billion Chinese Yuan. Mr. Zou graduated from Sun Yat-Sen University in June 2007, with a Master of Business Administration degree. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Tianjin University of Commerce.

“We are delighted to welcome Zou Yu to our team. Mr. Zou’s extensive experience working in the healthcare sector of the PRC will provide us with a seasoned guide and steady hand as we explore exciting new opportunities for the Company, as well as deep insight into and knowledge of the market,” said Mr. Wong Wah On Edward, the Company's Chairman.

About China Natural Resources:

China Natural Resources, Inc., a British Virgin Islands corporation, through its operating subsidiaries in the PRC, is currently engaged in (a) the acquisition and exploitation of mining rights in Inner Mongolia, including preliminary exploration for lead, silver and other nonferrous metal, and (b) copper trading in the PRC, and is actively exploring business opportunities in the healthcare and other non-natural resources sectors.

Forward-Looking Statements:

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